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Bokashi 20L Compost System

My Good Green™ Compost System is an efficient and effective alternative to the green bin and traditional composting.

My Hydro Home London 4.3’x4.3’x7′ Grow Tent

My Hydro Home is a sealed indoor growing space for starting cuttings and seeds without the need for an exterior greenhouse. Available in small and large sizes. My Hydro Home is a very flexible and useful tool: use it to separate plants at different stages of development, vary the internal conditions based on individual plant requirements, or experiment with different lighting to determine the best combination for growth.

Autopilot Cooling Thermostat

The Autopilot Cooling Thermostat is a compact and easy-to-use controller for air conditioners and exhaust fans. Simply plug it into a power receptacle and then plug your cooling device into its outlet, then choose your preferred room temperature setpoint with the rotary knob. When its built-in sensor senses that the room temperature has exceeded the setpoint by at least 1°F, it will automatically activate your cooling device by powering the outlet.

Autopilot Portable CO2 Monitor

Accuracy, innovative features, and unbeatable affordability in one small, user-friendly CO2 monitor. To deliver its measurements, the Autopilot APCEM2 Desktop CO2 Monitor features a clear display system that boasts a digital memory chart of recorded CO2, relative humidity, and temperature readings over an adjustable 24-hour or 7-day period. With the industry-new feature Trend Chart, the device is able to trace the above quantities through past minutes, hours, or up to 7 days.

Titan Controls Atlas 5 Portable Handheld CO2, Temp & Humidity Monitor

The Atlas 5 is a portable, handheld monitor that measures carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature and humidity in your greenhouse or grow enclosure. An excellent reference tool that every gardener needs in their toolbox. Great for use to monitor air quality in indoor gardens, grow shops or commercial settings. Fast, accurate and easy to use, the Atlas 5 is a must for every grower!

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