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Quest 506 Dehumidifier

The Quest 506 is the most efficient high capacity dehumidifier on the market that’s specifically designed with growers in mind.

Quest Dual 225 Dehumidifier 230v

The Dual 225 was built to answer the voltage concerns of commercial users. Almost as efficient as our Dual 155 model, the Quest Dual 225 is a favorite among those who choose the higher voltage route.

Quest Dual 205 Dehumidifier 120v

The Quest Dual 205 is our highest capacity 115V dehumidifier.  Using 13.2 amps, the Dual 205 removes 205 pints of water per day while running 46% more efficiently than Energy Star standards.

Quest Dual 150 Dehumidifier 120v

The Quest Dual 150 removes almost 20 gallons a day in your garden. This is our most powerful mid-sized overhead type dehumidifier.

Quest Dual 105 Dehumidifier 120v

The Quest Dual 105 is the world’s most energy efficient dehumidifier: Using only 4.9 amps, the Quest Dual 105 removes 105 pints of water per day.

Quest Dual 110 Dehumidifier 120v

The Quest Dual 110 is our smallest and lightest mid-size dehumidifier. It offers great water removal with easy portability — you can even hang it overhead — at an affordable price.

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