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Uvonair CD 1200 Inline Ozone Generator

The Uvonair® CD-1200 In-Duct Ozone Model is a high output Corona Discharge generator that produces more ozone than any others known at this time. It is adjustable to match the ozone demand load for odor control as well as provide energy conservation in low demand periods. The CD generator does not require servicing. Features: Ideal for rooms from 40,000 cu.ft. (1200 …

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Uvonair CD 800 Inline Ozone Generator

Uvonair® odor eliminators generate ozone, one of nature’s most effective oxidizing agents! Ozone safely alters the molecular structure of offensive micro-organisms, to eliminate odors.

Uvonair Ozone Generators

Are you sure your odor is being eliminated? Be sure with UVONAIR®! The ONLY choice for quality INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH ODOR ELIMINATORS! It doesn’t just mask odors, IT DESTROYS IT!

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