About Ozzy Hydroponics

Photo of Ozkan a.k.a. Ozzy

Ozkan Yaman, or Ozzy as he is popularly known, is a hydroponics professional based in Toronto, Canada. He has been working in the industry since 2003 and has extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise in hydroponics and soil growing. He can provide you with the best supplies from the industry’s most trusted and innovative manufacturers at the earliest times and at the best prices.

We carry products from popular brands at value price including: complete indoor grow room packages, grow tents, horticultural lighting, hydroponics systems and components, testing instruments, ventilation and environmental controllers, nutrients and organic fertilizers, gardening tools and accessories.Whether you are a simple hobbyist or a professional horticulturist, we offer a vast and complete selection of hydroponics gardening supplies, systems and equipment for any space or budget. We strive everyday to accommodate all our customers with the best service and great selection of high quality products at the best value.

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