Bokashi Pro-Gro (3-2.5-2)


Take your garden to a whole new level by maximizing the full potential of your plants.


Bokashi PRO-GRO is a Living Fermented Fertilizer, hand made with a proprietary blend of Specialty Nutrients, such as high grade B Vitamins, Minerals, Superfood Complex and Probiotic Consortium , through a unique Acidic Anaerobic Fermentation process.

We all know that you must feed the soil in order to have an abundant sustainable garden or farm. Today’s synthetic approach to fertilizers has led to depleted nutrient and mineral density in our soil.

Our food and medicine grown in this soil is also deficient in nutrients and mineral density, essential to our well being.

Bokashi PRO-GRO was developed to replenish our precious soil with everything necessary to create a sustainable micro ecology that will continue to feed the soil, and in turn our crops without need of additional chemical fertilizers.

Benefits include:

  • Healthier plants with increased Nutrient Density
  • Increased Flavour, Colour And Yield
  • Increased uptake of Organic Matter
  • Reduced watering and Nutrient costs
  • Runoff is beneficial to the Environment
  • Living Organic Bio-intensive Fermented Fertilizer NPK 2.5-2.5-1.7
  • All Natural- Full of Specialty Nutrients, Beneficial Bacteria and Fungi, plus Trace Minerals
  • PRO-GRO may be used as; – Natural Fertilizer – Top Dressing – Compost Tea – Foliar Spray

1.5kg, 20kg

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