Diamond Cut Co. Classic 3.5″ Mini Scissors


The Premium, mini 3.5-inch Classic scissors create a cut like no other!


The only scissors to feature Diamond Cut Co.’s Blunt TipThe Classic’s versatility with this blade allows it to not only be used as a grower’s trimming scissors, but also as a smoker’s preparation tool. A new method to the grinder.


The Classic allows connoisseur’s to cut up product to a size of their liking. The Engraved handle steadies the scissors as the blade glides through the product in the connoisseur’s palm. Simple, and arguably more effective than grinding.

The Classic has set a standard for scissors, in not only safety but also design. It is a true – original – connoisseur choice.

 3.5-inch ○ Stainless Steel ○ Blunt Tip – Safe to cut in palm 

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