Flying Skull Rx12 Plant Wash


A revolutionary technology that protects the beauty and smell of your plants!

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Cleans all ornamental, fruit and vegetable plants without oil, soap or detergent!

Rx 12:

  • can be used safely on or after harvest day;
  • is a concentrated economic formula;
  • can be used safely on all plants;
  • is safe for people and animals
  • is a leading technology;
  • removes dirt, dirt and dust;
  • works on walls, floors and hydroponic equipment;
  • works without rinsing leaves.

Rx 12:

  • does not reduce the value of plants;
  • do not change the taste of plants;
  • does not change the smell of plants;
  • leaves no sticky residue on foliage or leaves;
  • does not contain any detergent;
  • does not contain any oil;
  • does not contain any soap

8oz, 1L, 4L, 10L, 20L

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