Hydrofogger Humidifier 1gph


Discover the Hydrofogger Humidifier

Hydrofogger with Multi-Directional Fogging Head.
Our Hydrofogger Air Filters will remove dust and dirt from the air entering the fogger.

Detailed description

– Hydrofogger with Multi-Directional Fogging Head.
– Measures 17.25″ tall (with fogging head) x 14″ in diameter.
– Dry weight is 15.25 lbs.
– Coverage is up to 2000 ft2, depending on humidification requirements and ceiling height.
– Output is approximately 1.05 gallons per hour.
– Circulates 340 cubic feet per minute (cfm).
– Standard Voltage is 115V/60Hz (Fits into standard three-prong outlet).
– Power consumption is very low–0.9 amps.
– Industrial-Grade Motor.
– Voltage of 230V/60Hz is also available for non-U.S. customers.
– Comes with internal float valve to maintain proper water level.
– Connect directly to your water supply with either our Water Installation Kit, Gravity Feed Water Kit, Garden Hose Connection Kit, or your own hookup (you’ll need 1/4″ tubing).
– Reservoir Pan Capacity is 2.1 quarts.
– Operates at 62 dBA.
– 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
– Dimensional Weight of 28lbs applies.

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