Our proprietary blend of bacteria promotes a vigorous root zone by solubilizing phosphorus and assisting with the bioavailability of iron and from both organic and inorganic sources.


Miicrobial Mass is a microbial product specially developed to maximize plant yield using five different bacterial strains that are shown to promote plant growth and enhance microbial life in and around plant roots.

For Soil and Hydroponic Systems

Increase the bioavailability of phosphate and calcium to the plant through the use of phosphate and calcium-solubilizing bacteria.

Increase the bioavailability of iron through the use of siderophore-producing bacteria.

Promote good soil health with enzymes that hydrolyze substrate into useful byproducts for the rhizospheric microbial communities.

How does MIICROBIAL MASS work?
Unlike many of the first generation of beneficial microbe products introduced into the market, MIICROBIAL MASS uses a highly targeted approach to inoculate the rhizosphere with a microbial consortium optimized to cycle nutrients in very specific ways.


125Ml, 500Ml, 1L, 4L

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