Optimum Hydroponix Optical-Mg


OptiCal-Mg is a powerful calcium and magnesium supplement with iron. It is formulated to make calcium and magnesium readily available to maturing plants during the critical bud, flower and fruit development phase.


Simply add OptiCal-Mg to your regular feeding program to optimize your plant’s growth potential. Create bigger, heavier and more fragrant flowers and fruit. Stimulate the production of essential oils. Envigorate the overall health and development of root systems and plant structures.

If calcium or magnesium deficiencies should occur, such as blossom end rot or arrested plant development, use OptiCal-Mg to correct the problem at any time during a plant’s lifecycle to restore your plant’s overall health and vitality.

So whether you want to enhance plant performance or nip a deficiency problem in the bud, OptiCal-Mg offers the right solution.


1L, 4L, 20L

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