Linfa Weezy Grow Box


Linfa Weezy Grow Box

the ultimate grow box

Linfa Weezy Grow Box stands out from its competitors thanks to its many unique and smart features, thought out to offer the best experience for both beginner and advanced home growers.

FULLY AUTOMATED: From seed to dry flower

Linfa Weeze Grow Box is a smart grow box that has an automatic cultivation management system that controls temperature, humidity, ph, nutrients, molds, and pests for you. Just download the app, follow the instructions and harvest when the cycle is complete. You can even take photos of your cultivation through the online Webcam to share with your friends.

Growing has never been easier.


No soil. No dirt. No pests. No molds. No odour. No green thumb. Only water, nutrients and boosters.

Clean: Linfa uses coconut shell growpods and germination pods; the perfect evironment for growing.
Odourless: Linfa has a carbon anti-odor filter and ventilation system that eliminates any smell.


Do you want to grow at home but have no space? Linfa can fit anywhere: on a shelf, on a table, or even hung on a wall.

But if it is so small… where does the yield go you may ask? Linfa’s features maximize horizontal growth and crowning. This allows for the cultivation cycle to be shorter than usual (only 75 days), with a yield of 35-50gr of dry flowers per cultivation cycle.
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