The Luxx 18w Clone LED is the perfect replacement for a T5 fluorescent light fixture.

Illuminate your cloning endeavors with the LUXX FIXTURE Clone LED, a powerhouse in propagation technology. Designed to nurture young plants from their earliest stages, this 18-watt LED marvel delivers precision lighting at a crisp 9000K color temperature, providing the ideal environment for healthy and vigorous root development.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, the LUXX FIXTURE Clone LED is engineered to mimic natural sunlight, offering plants the full spectrum of light they need for optimal growth. At 9000K, this fixture emits a cool, blue-white light that promotes robust root growth and compact, sturdy stems, ensuring your clones get off to the best possible start.

The efficiency of LED technology ensures that the Clone LED operates with minimal energy consumption, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for your propagation needs. With its low heat output and durable construction, this fixture is not only gentle on your energy bills but also built to withstand the rigors of long-term use.

Versatility is another key feature of the LUXX FIXTURE Clone LED. Whether you’re cloning herbs, vegetables, ornamental plants, or cannabis, this fixture adapts to the unique requirements of your crops, delivering consistent and reliable performance in any propagation setup. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to integrate into any cloning system, whether you’re working in a small-scale hobby garden or a commercial cloning facility.

But the benefits of the LUXX FIXTURE Clone LED extend beyond its performance in propagation. Thanks to its low profile and sleek design, this fixture is also an aesthetic addition to any grow space, adding a touch of modern sophistication to your setup.

Invest in the LUXX FIXTURE Clone LED and give your clones the best possible start in life. With its unparalleled performance, energy efficiency, and versatility, it’s the ultimate lighting solution for growers who demand excellence from start to finish. Experience the difference that LUXX FIXTURE technology can make in your cloning operation and unlock the full potential of your plants today.

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